Film Service

There is no difference between our own production and a film service. We treat them both like our babies.
We do provide coordination of all necessary preparations for the filming including management of the shooting locations in and around Prague according breakdown sheets.

Our film service includes

  • Acquisition of all necessary shooting permits and payment of rental fees for all locations within the Czech Republic.
  • Search for contractual obligation and payment for the actors and extras.
  • Hiring and payment (including all accessory costs) of all crew members necessary for the above:
    • Production manager and assistants
    • Production office staff
    • Assistant director
    • Location manager and assistants
    • Art director, set decorator and assistants – Lighting crew – Construction team – Costume and props managers and assistants – Make-up and assistants – SFX and pyrotechnics specialists – Stunt coordinator, stunts – Catering service
  • Construction and preparation of all sets and locations according breakdown sheets.
  • Costume Rental, handling and transport of all animals.
  • Rental and / or manufacturing and preparation of all props, costumes, accessories and construction.
  • Providing of material and equipment for make-up, SFX and pyrotechnics.
  • Catering for the entire crew, including film crew, technical crew and actors / extras.
  • Transport (including drivers and accessory costs) of the following:
    • above mentioned crew
    • actors and extras
    • costumes, props and construction materials
  • Rental of all necessary lights and grip technology
  • Rental of all necessary office rooms, workshops, stores, changing/make-up rooms, toilets.
  • Providing of all office infrastructure such as telephone, fax, copy machine etc. and all office supplies.
  • Providing of on location megaphone and walky-talkies.
  • Production of all photography from shooting for the press kit.
  • All necessary production and preparation work by Three brothers production for the above.

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