Own Production

Three Brothers Production began in 1991, shortly after the Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia) gained independence from the Soviet Union. The three Kristof brothers, whose fame in show-fencing and fondness for historical weaponry, created the company in response to a large demand for their talents and knowledge.

Focused on creating films exclusively with historical content has allowed the company to become extremely conscious of historical accuracy and continuity. All aspects of the past are carefully taken into consideration down to the most intricate detail.

We are a full service production company with executive productions and co-productions.

We executive produce our own projects that usually consist of a historical theme for TV and film. We have realized more than 16  Czech films. One of our current projects is The Mammoth Hunters, with a budget of more than 6 million dollars, is currently being produced here in Prague.

We have worked with international and Czech companies to co-produce more than 80 projects for TV including for companies such as: ZDF, ARD, ARTE, BBC, and The Discovery Channel. Our latest co-production with Czech Television, Little Knights´ Tale, is their largest project in thirty years.

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