About Us

Three Brothers Production was founded by brothers Vladimír, Boris and Igor Krištof in 1991 and is the natural evolution from successes of the historical fencing group Kadeti (The Cadets). Their drive and passion has helped to secure the company's position as an integral part of the Czech film and TV industry.  With over 60 years combined experience, Three Brothers has completed over 85 historical feature films, documentaries and docu-dramas for both domestic and international companies, such as Czech Television, Barrandov ZDF, ARD, ARTE, Gruppe 5, BBC, History and The Discovery Channel.

Three Brothers Production specializes in creating films with historical content and takes great pride in being conscious of historical accuracy and continuity at all times.  All aspects of the past are carefully taken into consideration down to the most intricate detail. The company works with the industry's leading dramaturgs and historians and utilizes the onsite weapon house (the largest of its kind in Europe), workshop, and studio, all housed in a renovated 13th century keep, in the beautiful city of Prague. 

Being a fully equipped, professional film service studio Three Brothers offers a complete range of film production services, post production, distribution, and unrivaled access to its pool of professional talent. Please see our Film Service section for more details. 

Alongside the numerous co-productions we have also been involved in the production of a wide range of world and Hollywood movies (Dungeons and Dragons, Joan of Arc, Dune, Nomad, Knight´s Tale, Avalon, Blade II., The Children of Dune, League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Van Helsing, Hellboy, Doom 3, Narnia - Princ Kaspian, Die Papstin, Henry IV, Anonymous, Borgias, Black Death, Pillars of the Earth, World Without End, Three Musketeers etc.). The company offers quality which has been appreciated, among others, by Heath Ledger, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sean Connery.

2013 saw the beginning of a new era for the company with production quality reaching new heights and improved international connections.

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