Our company was founded in 1991 by three Krištof brothers. It was during our early childhood that we took interest in historical weapons and fencing and in 1975 the theatre of historical fencing "Kadeti" was founded. With replicas of old swords, halberds and other weapons we performed together with a group of historical fencers at various events and entertained the visitors of castles, fairs, festivals and other public celebrations. To date, we have realized more than 3000 performances not only in the Czech Republic but all over the world.

As the armour and weaponry of a medieval knight could not be bought anywhere in Czechoslovakia at that time, we were forced to make the props ourselves. Thanks to the experience we gained from many fights, we knew the many practical and technical details necessary to enable the real use of each weapon. When producing historical armour and weaponry, we use original technologies as well as modern procedures and materials.

Even when historical fencing was just an interest, we were already performing as extras in various TV broadcasts and films. As our name grew famous, the filmmakers started contacting us directly and as well as arranging the fights and duels, they often also required the supply of props and sets, casting of extras and location services. The occasional film project grew within several years into a professional production company Three Brothers Production, which specialises in historical themes and filming, for which the production of technical props and sets are necessary.

Three Brothers Production cooperates with many groups of historical fencing, has contacts at castles, chateaus and other interesting locations, can provide filmmakers with the necessary service such as lighting, catering, make-up etc., which means that we are able to secure the production of a film or TV project from A to Z.

At present Three brothers has three branches:

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