Our studios are equiped with the most versatile technologies supporting various configurations based on any operation systems. We can store, move, edit and customize your data to meet your expectations. To keep your data safe, we do usually store them in 3 places at one time. Two in our studios and one outside. On demand we can provide you with the most talented visual effects specialists.


Our core technology is based on combination of LTO4 storage system HP servers, Intel Extreme technology and IStore System.

iS512 iSCSI Storage System

iStor’s Virtual Storage technology makes the full power of IP SANs available to the SMB market. The virtual pool of storage frees the storage user from the complexities of traditional RAID configuration, eases management and increases the efficiency of disk utilization; all while optimizing the performance of all applications.

Powerful enough to satisfy high bandwidth applications, as well as transaction-intensive applications, the iS512 features either four or eight 1GbE host data ports, providing the industry’s highest throughput for a single controller, and supports over 80,000 IOPS.

Configurations are available for up to 25 TB utilizing high-performance SAS drives and up to 84 TB with high-capacity SAS drives. Support for SSD Storage for high performance applications.

Virtual Storage technology, coupled with an intuitive GUI make management a breeze; additionally, all of your integraStor systems can be managed from a single utility. Advanced users can take advantage of a comprehensive CLI and applications requiring integration with iStor’s management frameworks can interface to iStor’s API.

Key Product Features

  • 2U, 12 drives
  • 4 or 8 1GbE host ports
  • Cost effective expansion arrays for up to 84 drives
  • Redundant controllers for high availability
  • 10G architecture driven by iStor’s purpose-built iSCSI RAID Chip
  • SSD Storage
  • Virtual Storage technology
    Virtual pool of storage eliminates RAID groups, Application aware volume creation, Self optimizing cache, Online RAID level migration, Online volume expansion, Online capacity expansion of entire pool
  • Fast rebuilds
    Only disk space utilized by active volumes needs to be rebuilt – not entire drive

For LTO storage we do use IBM Technology. High and LTO-4 Half-High SAS tape technology for a high-capacity, entry-priced tape storage solution.

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