The Pearl Maiden

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The Pearl Maiden

Year: 1996
Directed by: Vladimír Drha
Coproduction: Czech TV
Film premiere: 1997
Original name: O perlové panně


A romantic tale of love and mystery

A fairy-tale in which wise age, courageous youth and love join forces to overcome all obstacles. Cornelius is a sad old knight who lives at Castle Kudla, gazing at a picture of a dark-haired young beauty. This is Cornelius’s wife whom an evil sorcerer kidnapped the day after the wedding; when she weeps, real pearls roll down her cheeks. But now even his beloved painting is stolen! The culprit is the Black Knight and Cornelius sets out to find it. Meanwhile, Young Vendelin, who has run away from a troupe of comedians, befriends a girl who resembles the maiden in the picture. In fact, Lucy is the daughter of Cornelius and the Pearl Maiden. They, of course, fall in love... The film was made at Prague Castle and other beautiful locations using exact period replicas of armor and full knights' regalia.

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