The Varus battle / Two parts

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The Varus battle / Two parts

Directed by Christian Twente
Customer: ZDF/ARTE

"Varus, Varus, return my legions" – it is one of the heaviest defeats in the history of Rome and a turning point in world history: the Varusbattle.

This one and half an hour drama documentary takes us back into the year 9 AD and reports from the perspective of those at the frontlines. Our hero is the Cheruscan Arminius, who is working his way up the steep career ladder in the Roman army, but then dares to turn and rise against Rome. The ensuing events take his opponent Varus, Roman governor of Germania, completely by surprise. Why did Arminius betray his fellow Romans? Thusnelda, the beautiful Germanic woman, is somehow involved…

Part 1 - Arminius - Enemy of Rome
Part 2 - A Province Too Far

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