Viktor Krištof

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He graduated in Communications and Information Security Management at the University of Defence in Brno. He then worked as a senior officer of the Communications and Information System Staff in Jince and was later active in management. He completed the Executive MBA study programme at the University of Technology in Brno and Dominican University of Illinois (USA). During his career, he had opportunities to stay for longer periods in Australia and Japan, and it is particularly Japan which became his great passion. He represents the next generation of the family production company Three Brothers, where he is particularly interested in seeking opportunities of international co-productions and trade and providing service for foreign films.

  • 2011+ Cyril and Methodius (Film&Series)
  • 2011 Loučka (TV Docu Film)
  • 2009 Little Knights’ Tale (Film&Series)
  • 2008 Jménem krále (“In the Name of the King”, film)
  • Die Papstin (Service)
  • Henry IV (Service)
  • Anonymous (Service)
  • Borgias ((Czech Rep.) x Borgias (HU)) (Service)
  • Black Death (Service)
  • Pillars of the Earth (Service)
  • World Without End (Service)
  • Three Musketeers 3D etc. (Service)

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